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Mindfulness and Creativity




Our guided sessions and longer retreats offer an introduction to mindfulness meditation blended with a range of creative activities which are designed to help you reconnect with your natural creativity.


Rather than concentrating on the formal teaching of specific art skills, activities draw upon your inherent abilities to sense and experience the world about you. None of the activities require previous experience or skills.


We welcome anyone new to mindfulness meditation as well as those wishing to refresh
or extend their existing practice. The retreats are also suitable for anyone who feels they have no creative or artistic abilities, as well as more
established artists or makers wishing to explore new avenues for their work.


Our next Mindfulness and Creativity Retreat,

 in October 2019 will focus on the challenge of change. We'll be using a range of creative activities to explore the exciting possibilities which lie within the inevitability of change.


Join us at Othona, in West Dorset for a quiet time with space 

to explore the nature of your own, unique creativity

this retreat offers

 A guided introduction to mindfulness meditation.  Guided sessions to help you explore the nature of creativity, and the blocks and barriers which may prevent us from fully realising our creative ability.  Time and materials to enable and support your creative exploration.  Time to read, walk, think or relax; as you wish!  

No previous experience of meditation or creativity necessary – simply an open willingness to explore. However, this retreat is also suitable for experienced practitioners wishing to open up new avenues in their work. 

This retreat will be led by 

Sue Howse, Sue Lansbury and Ali Tebbs 

For more information, and booking, please contact:

Othona Community, Coast Road, Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Dorset DT6 4RN
T:01308 897130 Email:

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